It seems that 100 broke VAAPI support under Linux. Again.

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@brunomiguel disabling RDD sandbox until version 99 worked for me. :\

@rebtoor I did some changes related to ffmpeg on about:config and they seemed to partially fix it

@brunomiguel media.ffmpeg.vaapi.enabled=true
and the environment variable

@rebtoor I only changed media.ffvpx.enabled to false and media.ffmpeg.vaapi.enabled to true. The RDD part seems too sensitive to disable

@rebtoor There is an open bug, and it has been open for a while now:

You should be running Nightly if you are testing pre-release functionality anyway, though. This feature was never enabled by default in any release.

@yoasif yep i knew it but until release 99 disabling RDD sandbox worked for me. Now it crash loudly (with or without RDD sandbox). Not a big issue though, i'll survive without it.

@rebtoor If you see the same issue in Nightly, I'd file a bug. If you can locate when it regressed, even better. See for help in locating the regression.

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