On my work laptop, a ThinkPad T14s gen 1, even with a ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Workstation Dock Gen 2, I can't use two external 4k@60hz displays connected to its HDMI/DP ports. I had to connect my 32" display via laptop' usb-c port and the 28" via the HDMI port on the dock (connected via TB3 to the laptop). Kinda uncomfortable but at least I can work with my "usual" setup.

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@rebtoor ThinkPad USB-C docking stations are an unmitigated shitshow: our entire T490 fleet would crash and burn when connected to a docking station UNLESS the latter is running a very specific firmware release - not one version less, not one version more.

Also, the Bitlocker PIN screen freezes hard when the original docking station is connected and a pair of USB headphones is connected to any USB port of the system, but doing so with a 3rd party docks is fine 🤷‍♂️

@rfc1459 ahhh... firmware upgrade on Lenovo stuff: the russian roulette of TFU things. Each and every release i have to *force* the reflash of the ME controller 'cause on the first attempt it fails. Every. Fucking. Time. A couple of colleagues have their laptop replaced due to hard brick during the same procedure.

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